Strategic Needs

Parent company
  • Concentration of capital and management resources on core businesses and expansion through M&A are essential for strengthening global competitiveness and growth
  • Pressure for going private of listed subsidiaries given corporate governance code and IFRS implications
Subsidiaries / business divisions
  • Limited allocation of growth resources (capital / human resources) within the parent company group
  • Aiming for growth with their own independent strategy and management resources is necessary for survival and growth

Longreach Solutions

  • Change of ownership structure (example: Parent company 25%, Longreach 75%)
  • Going private if needed
  • Analysis / planning / execution for stand-alone requirements (IT, sales, R&D, HQ functions, etc.)
  • Provide growth capital
  • Reinforcement of management team members and establishment of governance system
  • Implement sales growth and cost structure improvements
  • Support finding appropriate strategic partners
  • Support future IPO listing

Track Record

Wellness Communications Corporation
Business Services
Pokka Create Corporation, Ltd.
Consumer Related
Japan Systems
Business Services
FCL Components <br>(ex-Fujitsu Component)
Industrial and<br>Technology
Kohikan Corporation, Ltd.
Consumer Related
Nippon Outsourcing Corporation
Business Services
Wendy's Japan K.K. / First Kitchen Co. Ltd.
Consumer Related
Hitachi Via Mechanics, Ltd.
Industrial and<br>Technology
SANYO Electric Logistics
Business Services