Strategic Needs

The Japanese domestic market is mature, and expansion into overseas markets (especially Asia) is essential for growth
Future growth also requires achieving top-line growth and efficiencies through digital capabilities
Subsidiaries of large corporates depend on their parent company for most of their revenues and have low growth without independent business strategy and execution freedom
ESG compliance necessity
Inorganic growth through M&A is required

Longreach Solutions

  • Hands-on support for expanding overseas sales
  • Support for sales expansion to customers outside the group structure
  • Hands-on support for business expansion through M&A from target screening to execution of acquisition and PMI
  • Support establishing digital marketing infrastructure
  • Provide ESG advice and execution support
  • Provide capital and human resources to enable business growth and strengthen organization including corporate governance

Track Record

Business Services
Wellness Communications Corporation
Business Services
Pokka Create Corporation, Ltd.
Consumer Related
Quasar Engineering
Industrial and<br>Technology
Kohikan Corporation, Ltd.
Consumer Related
Nippon Outsourcing Corporation
Business Services
Primo Japan Inc.
Consumer Related
Hitachi Via Mechanics, Ltd.
Industrial and<br>Technology
SANYO Electric Logistics
Business Services
OCC Corporation
Industrial and<br>Technology