Strategic Needs

Founder and business owner
  • Business succession
    Development of management system and business strategy that enables continuing growth after founder’s retirement
  • Share divestment
    Transfer of shares with execution and structuring efficiency
Management and employees
  • Maintaining independence
    Avoid becoming a subsidiary of a large corporate or a competitor
  • “Company re-founding”
    Employees themselves want to take on the challenge of future IPO as shareholders or appropriate merger with strategic

Longreach Solutions

  • Execution of share transfer (purchase of founder's shares with efficient structure)
  • Flexible for reinvestment by founder and business owner (phased succession)
  • Provide growth capital
  • Structure for “Company re-founding” and IPO by introducing stock options for employees
  • Reinforcement of management team and establishment of governance system after retirement of founder and business owner
  • Implement sales growth / overseas expansion, digital marketing
  • Support finding appropriate strategic partners
  • Support IPO

Track Record

Shin Nihon Jusetsu Group
Consumer Related
Consumer Related
Business Services
Amazon Papyrus
Industrial and<br>Technology
Chat Noir Company
Consumer Related
Quasar Engineering
Industrial and<br>Technology
Cybird Holdings
Consumer Related
McDonald's Japan
Consumer Related