Going Private &

Strategic Needs

Listed subsidiary of a large corporate
  • Necessary to reorganize listed subsidiaries due to corporate governance code requirements and IFRS implications
Listed company expecting retirement of founder and business owner
  • Selling the founder and business owner's shareholdings in the market may adversely affect the stock price
Listed companies with low market valuation
  • Repositioning of listed companies undervalued in the market

Longreach Solutions

  • Delisting by executing a friendly going-private tender offer (TOB)
  • Purchase of shares held by ordinary shareholders at a market premium
  • Implement business reforms from a mid-to-long term perspective without being constrained by short-term profit demands as a listed company
  • Provide capital for business reconfiguration and growth
  • Aim for “Company re-founding” and IPO by introducing stock options for employees or appropriate strategic merger

Track Record

Japan Systems
Business Services
FCL Components <br>(ex-Fujitsu Component)
Industrial and<br>Technology
SANYO Electric Logistics
Business Services
Cybird Holdings
Consumer Related