Cross Cultural

Strategic Needs

Review of Japan/ Asian strategy by global companies
Repositioning of a subsidiary owned in Japan
Review of joint venture (JV) business in Japan
Review of shareholding of listed affiliated companies in Japan

Longreach Solutions

  • Structure and execute business reorganization based on understanding of cross-cultural factors and differentiated local and global business characteristics
  • Function as a cultural and execution bridge between global company’s headquarter and Japanese subsidiary / JVs local management
  • Direct deal negotiations with global companies, harmonized with local management objectives
  • Support JV and Japanese subsidiary to become stand-alone company
  • Provide management resources necessary for the growth of JV and Japanese subsidiary
  • Support business growth and future IPO or appropriate strategic merger

Track Record

Japan Systems
Business Services
Wendy's Japan K.K. / First Kitchen Co. Ltd.
Consumer Related
McDonald's Japan
Consumer Related